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Re: Colours in VIM-AbiWord

On Mon February 4 2008, Ron Johnson wrote:
> Abi_Word_ should give you a hint...

right.. but I didn't know if there were other programs, AbiSpread... to go 
along with it.

> > does it do .DOC conversion? smaller & lighter normally means less
> > features. But I really don't use THAT many features of OO..
> Yes, it doesn't convert Word files as well as OOo does.  But as a
> stand-alone plugin-capable WP that supports ODF, it's great.

my problem is, most of the time I have docs in odt format that I have to 
convert to .DOC format, to send to others..  and spreadsheets..
still, the plugin matrix shows LOTS of capabilities!! nice, I may take a look 
anyway, thanks!

Paul Cartwright
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