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Re: [Debian-User] HP print cartidge utilities...

On Sun, 3 Feb 2008 08:55:54 -0600
"Javier Vasquez" <jevv.cr@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello Javier,

> OK, I installed hpijs + hplip, with the whole cups, ahavi and dbus
> stuff (this is the part I didn't want), but hey, I wanted hp tools,
> :).

Yeah, I know;  Sometimes a lot of "cruft", or at least, what to me
seems like cruft gets dragged in.

> Bad news is that hp-info, hp-setup, and hp-toolset don't want to
> recognize my HP-680C printer.  So I'm like before.  Weird thing is
> that through the cups web interface, I can setup the printer with no
> problem under /dev/lp0.  With hp-setup I can get to manually set the
> printer, but not to /dev/lp0 as with cups, but to /dev/parport0, and
> at the end it indicates it didn't recognize the device.  So pretty
> much this HP toolset doesn't seem to recognize my printer, :(.

For HPLIP to recognise your printer is *has* to be set up through the
HP device.  For example, mine is named as follows (via CUPS);

> Has any one experienced these problems for hp-680c?  If cups

http://hplip.sourceforge.net/supported_devices/inkjet.html says your
printer is supported, and has been since v0.9.5 of HPLIP.

> recognized the printer smoothly, why not the HP toolset?  In the cups
> web interface I didn't find any way to run the HP applications, but I

You can't, AFAICT.

I had to delete everything in $HOME to do with a previous HPLIP
installation, as there was a big jump in Debian (Testing) from v0.9.5
to v2.7.10.  There were significant changes in the way it all worked,
which caused me problems.

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