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Re: What am I missing without mutt?

Quoth Dotan Cohen:
> As a thunderbird user, what am I missing by not using mutt? Teach me,
> if it's a better client than I'd love to learn it. I'm not afraid of
> the CLI, and I'm not afraid of VI[M].

What you're missing? Tedious
fetchmail/procmail/maildrop/exim/sendmail-configuration, 200-lines .muttrc...

No seriously, mutt is king - once you've set it up. What you're missing? Well,
how about 'navigating completely from keyboard' using mostly vi-like shortcuts?
* Being able to look at your mail when you have no XServer (remotely, your
  driver's hosed, whatever).
* You don't have to wait 30 seconds for your MUA to fire up, everything responds
  just as quickly as you'd like it to.
* No fancy specific format for your mailboxes - mutt can use maildir and mh
  (nobody uses mbox anymore, but mutt actually supports it)
* Enhanced regular expressions for organizing your mail (delete all unread mails
  between date x and y with foo in their Sender: field).
* Great console integration - you can pipe everything into any program...
* Flexibility!
* Geek-factor...
* No bulky graphics. Your mail and just your mail.
* You can watch multiple mailboxes at a time - just fire up another instance.
* In Debian, mutt can handle most attatchments by invoking the proper application.

I probably missed out a lot


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