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Re: fsck.ext3

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On 02/02/08 04:53, Jan Willem Stumpel wrote:
> After converting my file system to ext3, I thought there would be
> no more lengthy fsck's every 20 or so boot-ups. But they still
> happen.

Correct.  That's the primary ext4 design goal.

The benefit of ext3 is that it doesn't need an fsck after *every*
improper shutdown.

> Some Googling revealed different opinions; some people say "ext3
> does not need periodic fsck's", others say "even with ext3, it is
> best to fsck every N boots, because PC hardware is cr*p". And
> there are also several different methods (apparently) for
> disabling periodic fsck's.
> Is there a "standard Debian doctrine" or "standard Debian
> practice" for this?

The 20-or-so is different per partition, so that they won't all fsck
at the same time.

However, because a stable Linux system shouldn't reboot very often,
just relying on a boot counter might mean that it would be years
between fsck.  So, the system also forces an fsck every N days
(where N is slightly different per partition).  Thus, if you only
reboot yearly, they'll all fsck.

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