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Symple method to transfer some packages from Desktop system to laptop Debian Etch system?


I have a Desktop Debian GNU/Linux Etch with network connection,
and a laptop with installed only Debian GNU/Linux from netinstall.iso,
but laptop has not network connection.

I downloaded this netinst.iso and I want not to download any more
CD iso files.

Is it a method how to "copy" some more debian packages from
my desktop Debian Etch to laptop Debian Etch, say with USB drive?

I can't use apt-zip on laptop system because the netinst.iso CD does
not have apt-zip package.

The bootcd application can write only the whole system to laptop, but
I want not this to do.

Are there any other symple method to transfer some packages from
my Desktop Debian Etch system to my laptop Debian Etch system?

Any advice will be appreciated!

Regards, Paul Csanyi

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