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Re: How to set up simple cgi web

On Sun, Jan 27, 2008 at 10:22:58AM +1100, hce wrote:
> Sorry for not being clear. I actually did not want to install apache,
> I am just doing my program to use freecgi library and want to test the
> cgi binary file on my local machine. I was told I could set up a
> simple web server to use a browser http://my_ip_address to invoke the
> cgi file without installing the apache. Or, is it wrong?
> I changed /www to /var/www, but the browser still got an error message
> "You tried to access the address http://my_ip_address/, which is
> currently unavailable"

This would indicate that you are not running a web server and you can't
serve web pages (CGI or otherwise) without one.

So you'll have to install a web server if you want to do this.

Apache2 is currently the typical web server to use on Debian systems,
so it would be my recommendation, but there are other options if you
have some objection to apache2 in particular, such as aolserver4, boa,
bozohttpd, cherokee, dhttpd, fnord, lighttpd, mathopd, micro-httpd,
mini-httpd, thttpd, tntnet, webfs, or yaws.  (Note that I got this list
from some quick apt-cache searches.  I am not familiar with any of these
web servers other than apache/apache2 and don't know how well they would
work for your purposes.)

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