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Re: Memory Stick is sg1?

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On 01/25/08 15:05, Thomas H. George wrote:
> I have a usb memory stick which I successfully used for a netinst
> several months ago.  When I connected it today it was recognized as sg1
> but it was not recognized as a block device when I tried to mount it.
> Returning to the Debian-Installer directions I found I can mount it
> with  the command mount /dev/sda /mnt but only as root.  At the moment I
> just want to store some files and there is plenty of space free so I
> don't really have a problem.  I'm just puzzled as I have an entry in
> /etc/fstab reading /dev/sda1 /usbkey    vfat   rw,user,noauto   0   0
> and I believe in the past the memory stick was recognized as sda1 and I
> could mount it as an ordinary user.  If using it for netinst has
> modified it how can I restore the original configuration?

To install Debian onto the machine that now recognizes it as sg1?

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