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Re: X & interesting problem

 Number one : I'm using Debian lenny repository. My desktop is gnome &
 my desktop manager is gdm. When i don't X server, it means i work
 with just console, i can switch to other consoles(with
 CTRL+ALT+F1...F7) But when i start gdm it means my X is up, i can't
 switch to other consoles.

By default [1] things work like this:

* If you are on X you can switch to say tty1 by pressing "CTRL+ALT+F1".
* If you are on tty1 you can switch to tty2 by pressing "ALT+F2".
* If you are on tty2 you can switch back to X by pressing "ALT+F7".

I am stating this because your description was not clear enough for me. So,
doesn't it work like this on your computer?

 Number two: Somtimes my monitor is became blank. Even i run reboot
 command or i run init 6, It is became blank.

You need to be more precise! Maybe it's your X configuration, maybe it's a
hardware issue.


[1] As far as I know.

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