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X & interesting problem

Dear all,
I have 2 problem:
Number one :
I'm using Debian lenny repository.
My desktop is gnome & my desktop manager is gdm.
When i don't X server, it means i work with just console, i can switch
to other consoles(with CTRL+ALT+F1...F7)
But when i start gdm it means my X is up, i can't switch to other consoles.
Number two:
Somtimes my monitor is became blank.
Even i run reboot command or i run init 6, It is became blank.
I think that above 2 problem is related to together.
My machine is laptop IBM T20.
Do you have idea?

Mohsen Pahlevanzadeh
email address : mohsen@pahlevanzadeh.org
web site : http://pahlevanzadeh.org
IRC IM : m_pahlevanzadeh
yahoo IM : linuxorbsd

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