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Re: powerline ethernet

Barry Samuels wrote:
> On 17/01/08 18:14:05, Scott Lair wrote:
> > Barry Samuels wrote:
> > > 
> > > I have recently purchased two Solwise 200Mbps
> > > NET-PL-200AV-PUSH. They installed (nothing other than plugging them
> > > in really) and worked. I've had no trouble with them and transfer 
> > > speed is good.
> > > 
> > > One of the reasons I chose them is that they offered to take them
> > > back and give a full refund if the units didn't work properly in my 
> > > situation.
> > > 
> > > I use Debian Testing.
> > 
> > 
> > Very good, just what I wanted to hear.  Have you tested the 
> > throughput on them?
> > Just curious if you are getting around 20MBs or more like 10MBs.
> > 
> > scott
> I had tested them originally and remember that the speed was 
> satisfactory but couldn't remember what the speeds actually were so 
> I've just done it again.
> I connected my laptop directly to the router with an ethernet cable so 
> that wireless speeds don't enter the equation. I uploaded a large .iso 
> file from my desktop, on one end of the HomePlug system, to the laptop 
> and got 50-60 Mbs (note 'bits' not 'bytes') and then downloaded from 
> the laptop to my desktop and got 40-50 Mbs.
> These Solwise HomePlug units are rated at 200 Mbs but there is 
> obviously some loss over the mains. We also have electric heating in 
> the house which is controlled from a central controller also by sending 
> signals along the mains cables. I don't know whether there is any loss 
> on the HomePlug system because of that but both the ethernet 
> transmissions and the heating signals appear to be quite reliable.
> -- 
> Barry Samuels
> http://www.beenthere-donethat.org.uk
> The Unofficial Guide to Great Britain

Thanks a lot for taking the time to run the test.  Just what I needed to 
know.  The speed would be adequate in my case and I'm glad to hear it is

Looks like I've got a good option.


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