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Re: [debian-user] Dumped off the list

On 01/08/08 15:05, Ted Hilts - Thunderbird Acct. wrote:
I can't seem to stay on this list for more than a couple of weeks and then no more list traffic.

This only happens with the debian-user list and not any of the other debian lists.

[huge blank line snippage]

Every few weeks I get knocked off the Debian user list and I get no more traffic from the list.

This only happens with the debian-user list as I have no problem with any of the other debian lists and non debian lists.

When this happens I am unable to resubscribe because the debian list emal server still thinks I am subscribed.

This whole situation is getting painful -- does anyone else have this problem or a suggestion. Please send your response directly to me as I have not yet been able to subscribe and therefore would not see your response. Sorry if you are one of those who responded to my last email to the list.
Thanks -- Ted

[huge blank line snippage]

Maybe you (or your Telus IP range) ae getting blacklisted by spam destroyers?

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson LA  USA

"I'm not a vegetarian because I love animals, I'm a vegetarian
because I hate vegetables!"

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