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Re: Autostart programs: How to remove them?

On Mon, 7 Jan 2008 22:44:24 +0000 (UTC)
Mark Fletcher <mark27q1@gmail.com> wrote:

> Paul Johnson <baloo <at> ursine.ca> writes:
> > I'm curious why someone would even bother installing Google Desktop
> > if they're not going to run it...it's one of those things that more
> > or less has to run while you're logged in to keep the index
> > synchronized.
> > 
> Perhaps he installed it to try it out, and then didn't like it? eg
> the amount of system resource it consumes while indexing or
> something...
> Just a thought. Anyway, I've got the same problem (totem in my case,
> not Google Desktop) and I also can't get rid of it -- could someone
> post a link to some doco that explains how Gnome tracks programs to
> start at login? I found a file in my home directory that references
> totem and is different from other users on my machine, but that file
> looks system-generated and before I go deleting stuff from it I want
> to understand how it works...
> Mark
Have you people tried to kill the unwanted programs then save the
session? At least this approach works perfectly in Xfce.


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