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Re: tapes best for backup?

Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
Ron Johnson wrote:
On 01/05/08 15:16, Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
Douglas A. Tutty wrote:

Interestingly enough, I can still use the IBM floppies that an old
version of OS/2 came on in 1988.  I've had new floppies fail but not
those old IBM ones.  Go figure.

My wife keeps insisting that my Windows95 on those IBM floppies are still good. Let me give it a try. They are from 1990.

Windows95 on 1990 floppies???

Got the floppies when I left IBM in 1990. Put Windows95 on them when I bought that in 1995?. But let me see, I can only find disk 10 + 11.

of all those IBM floppies I can only write to 2


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