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Re: tapes best for backup?

Douglas A. Tutty wrote:

So I guess, for me, only from personal experience, I'd have to say that
the most reliable, longest lived, backup media has to be IBM floppies.
Of course, the 7 GB backup would take 5120 floppies which would more
than pay for a new LTO drive.


Yep! And I take the implicit point about personal experience too, of course. While the DLTs are "rated" for 30 years, some of the gold archival DVDs are "rated" for 200 (and also some of the archival CDs I was using before that).

I wish my experience with floppies were that good; the Microsoft floppies with my original copy of the Microsoft Font Pack for Windows 3.whatever was unreadable when I tried it a couple of years back.

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