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losing tmp pdf files from iceweasel


I'm using Etch, KDE, Iceweasel, KPDF. When I click on a PDF in
Iceweasel, the PDF opens in KPDF (which is what I want!). Unfortunately
if I close Iceweasel first, the PDF cannot now be saved from KPDF.

Presumably this is because iceweasel has deleted the pdf file from /tmp
- so there is no longer a file for KPDF to save (though KPDF has the
entire file in memory .... somewhere)

Any way to change this behavior? Either have iceweasel not remove these
tmp files or ... something?

(Of course the "easiest" solution is for ME to change MY behavior, save
PDFs first, then close iceweasel. But that would require a slight
change in MY behavior, when I'd much rather spend hours, days, weeks,
getting iceweasel or KPDF to change their behavior. I'm an old dog.)

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Except the ones that mention

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