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I'm trying to install the package "sim-qt" from the next link:
But I get an dependency problem, see below:
 pr100:/home/gusti/sim-im# dpkg -i  sim-qt_0.9.4.3-1_i386.deb
   Selecting previously deselected package sim-qt.
   (Reading database ... 99814 files and directories currently installed.)
   Unpacking sim-qt (from sim-qt_0.9.4.3-1_i386.deb) ...
   dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of sim-qt:
    sim-qt depends on libqt3c102-mt (>= 3:3.3.4); however:
     Package libqt3c102-mt is not installed.
and I understood that this package was deprecated by "libqt-mt", so any Idea How this problem can be resolved ?

 Thank you in advance,

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