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Re: X11 not displaying clearly

On Fri, Jan 04, 2008 at 10:59:54 +0000, Patter wrote:
> I'm a long-time debian user, running unstable with gdm and collcted
> programs from gnome & kde. I rebooted my system this morning and the X
> display has gone weird (there's no better way to put this as you'll see
> in the screenshot http://patter.mine.nu/screen.jpg ).
> Fluxbox looks OK with the right font and by pure luck xterms
> (gnome-terminal) are fine but anything else looks like a poor mosaic
> (some font selections make gnome-terminal look the same).
> I've run a full update with unstable & the etch security updates but
> that hasn't fixed it. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Which video card and which driver are you using?

Did you try to run Xorg with the vesa driver? This might tell you
if the problem is connected to the graphics driver or if it is a general
fond rendering issue.

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