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X11 not displaying clearly

I'm a long-time debian user, running unstable with gdm and collcted
programs from gnome & kde. I rebooted my system this morning and the X
display has gone weird (there's no better way to put this as you'll see
in the screenshot http://patter.mine.nu/screen.jpg ).

Fluxbox looks OK with the right font and by pure luck xterms
(gnome-terminal) are fine but anything else looks like a poor mosaic
(some font selections make gnome-terminal look the same).

I've run a full update with unstable & the etch security updates but
that hasn't fixed it. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Stephen Patterson :: steve@patter.mine.nu :: http://patter.mine.nu/
GPG: B416F0DE :: Jabber: patter@jabber.earth.li 
"Don't be silly, Minnie. Who'd be walking round these cliffs with a gas oven?"

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