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Blurry X11 fonts in Lenny after update

I recently updated my laptop running lenny and the X11 fonts became blurry, kind of clumsy looking. The GNOME appearence preferences do nothing. I use XOrg, the standard 100dpi xfonts, ATI Radeon card with the fglrx driver, just stardard stuff. I installed xfs to see if it helps, but not.

This is the second time I encounter this problem. The last time was when upgrading from Ubuntu Breezy to Dapper. I could never solve the problem, and after much cursing I went back to sarge. Few seem to have seen this problem, and it's perhaps related to the graphics card, but it's certainly related to a xserver-xorg update in lenny. I saw this problem right after the update and reboot.

Has anybody seen this? Any suggestions?


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