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Re: 3rd SATA scrambles drive order? "Begin: Waiting for root file system . . . . . ."

On Thursday 03 January 2008 13:02, Ron Johnson wrote:
> On 01/03/08 11:52, Jonathan Wilson wrote:
> > Someone else said using IDs in fstab only works with ext2/3, obviously
> > tune2fs does, and I use ReiserFS. What then? I'm interested in thre
> > "Maybe" part, since UUIDs won't work for my situation.
> I believe that either "Someone else" is mistaken, or you are
> misreading something.  Or I gave you the wrong command...
> Obviously, tune2fs won't work on swap partitions.  So, instead use
> /sbin/blkid.
> # blkid /dev/sda1

FWIW, I just reordered the SerialATA cables and changed the BIOS boot order to 
match. Kinda dumb but it works, and it's easy to put back if I have to :-D

I'm curious though, since the BIOS saw the drives in the correct order, why 
doesn't Debian? I'll assume it's a kernel issue. I consider this a bug, where 
should I report it?




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