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Re: [half solved] sources list not found repository debian

2007/12/31, Douglas A. Tutty <dtutty@porchlight.ca>:

> This doesn't sound like an insult. Based on the package management
> knowledge base you have demonstrated in this thread, it would seem
> prudent.  Most people aren't comfortable running a hybrid.
I didn't think that no one insult me, if you don't know me you don't
know that I need some libraries or program unstable and the operative
system stable.
Yeah...I suppose that no much people using a hybrid system...^^

> Unless you have a need for more recent things, just stick with plain
> unadaulterated Etch.  What's the problem?

I'm a programmer and I need some programs or libraries like could be
php or apache or mysql, or postgre or other unstale and not stable.

Then, the problem is: Can I run etch stable like operative system and
I talk only of the operative system to reduce DoS attach, security bug
etcetera etcetera with some stable package (network or office suite)
and some unstable package (programming package)?

> Etch is very stable when you give it a sources list that is only for
> Etch.  Give it a messed-up sources.list and you get a messed-up system.

Etch is commercial stable, not very stable. Therefore, etch have yet
much bug, because commercially the solved bug to considering stable a
program is near at 62%, this don't mean that is completely stable.

"In internet il saper leggere equivale al saper ascoltare nella
realtà, chi sa ascoltare possiede le chiavi di molte porte".
Micaela Gallerini

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