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Re: PII fast enough for firewall

On Sunday 02 December 2007, John Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a 15K Mbs connection (up/down) to my house (fiber to the home).
> I have a Buffalo router that connects to my WAN and then one of the LAN
> ports on this router connects to my IPCOP firewall that is running on a PII
> -- 400 MHz box with 64 MB of RAM.
> When I do a speed test from my box behind my IPCOP firewall, I get about
> 10K Mbs up/down.
> If I move the connection to one of the Buffalo router LAN connections, I
> get the advertised 15K Mbs up/down speed.
> So routing traffic thru the IPCOP firewall slows things down quite a bit. 
> Is this to be expected?  I was thinking of changing the firewall to a
> debian box running shorewall, and was wondering if I could tweak the
> firewall/router to not slow things down appreciably like the ipcop box is
> doing.
> Thanks,
> John Schmidt

To follow up on my issues with network speeds coming out of my firewall, I am 
a bit embarrassed to admit that I had an old ISA 10 Mbps card connecting to 
my LAN which was the culprit.  

During the process of figuring things out, I removed my IPCOP configuration 
and installed Etch + shorewall + faster NIC on the same box and am now seeing 
roughly 15 Mbps connections like I am supposed to from my firewalled 

I had to learn a bit about shorewall configuration and ensuring that my 2 NICS 
were consistently labeled via udev (which fortunately happens automatically). 
I am much more comfortable with my debian setup than messing around with 
ipcop's web browser configuration.


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