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Re: PII fast enough for firewall

On Dec 2, 2007, at 8:22 PM, John Schmidt wrote:


I have a 15K Mbs connection (up/down) to my house (fiber to the home).

I have a Buffalo router that connects to my WAN and then one of the LAN ports on this router connects to my IPCOP firewall that is running on a PII -- 400
MHz box with 64 MB of RAM.

When I do a speed test from my box behind my IPCOP firewall, I get about 10K
Mbs up/down.

If I move the connection to one of the Buffalo router LAN connections, I get
the advertised 15K Mbs up/down speed.

So routing traffic thru the IPCOP firewall slows things down quite a bit. Is
this to be expected?

Run 'top' on the firewall while you do your speed test. Look at the idle percentage. If you've still got idle CPU time, the problem is elsewhere.

Dumb question: This machine *does* have a 100baseT NIC, right? If it's got an old 10baseT NIC, that might explain things...

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