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Re: OT: SATA Backplanes drivebays and caddies

Joe Emenaker wrote:
Lately, I've been trying out StarTech's trayless cages and those work nicely as well. No trays, no screws... you just open the door, slide the drive in, and close the door. If you can operate a refrigerator, you can operate these cages.

FWIW, I had a particularly bad experience with a pair of 3-drive cages from Startech; the LSI Megaraid controller would mark all 6 drives as FAIL within about 2 hours, from a cold start. Once warmed up, the "failures" happened within ~10 minutes. Not only did the Startech bays not work anywhere near "according to spec", I received a grand total of 1 response to the first of a string of messages to their tech support, about six weeks after I sent the request.

I replaced them with a pair of "Icy Dock" (sorry, don't recall the company name) cages, and they worked fine for several years. I've only just recently had trouble with mistaken failures again, most likely triggered by far too many power failures in a short time. :/


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