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Re: OT: SATA Backplanes drivebays and caddies

Nate Duehr wrote:
>> Bob wrote:
>>> Sorry for the OT post but I know a few round here are well informed
>>> on the storage industry.
>>> I'm just about to migrate a bunch of PCs to SATA from IDE as the IDE
>>> drive caddies are failing [0] and I already have my server and a few
>>> PCs using SATA, what I'm looking for is a drivebay / backplane
>>> manufacturer that has 5, 4, 3 and 1 slot internal bays available
>>> that use the *same* tray / housing / caddie.
>>> The tray / housing / caddie doesn't have to be rugged [1] or cover
>>> the whole drive, it would just be *really* convenient to be able to
>>> move drives around at will.
>>> My search (below) hasn't helped much, has anyone round here got any
>>> suggestions?
>>> sata "removable (disk | drive | harddrive) (caddy | bay | drawer |
>>> tray)"  single multi
>>> Thanks
>>> [0] I think all ATA removable bays take a bunch of liberties with
>>> the standard anyway and these were cheap and are old
>>> [1] which I suppose by definition means it's not a caddie
>> <fx> crickets, cicadas and frogs </fx>
>> Alternatively if you can think of a better forum for this post a link
>> would also be appreciated.
> The folks on the Debian-ISP list probably deal with this type of
> hardware quite a bit more than the average Debian home user on the
> main user list?

Forwarding this to debian-isp, but I'll try to answer in the meantime. 
Are your PCs rackmount, server-class towers, or regular consumer cases? 
The servers I've worked with have all had their caddies and backplanes
provided by the case manufacturer; all the caddies have been
interchangeable, but not between server/case manufacturers.  I've not
seen a server case manufacturer that also makes a single-drive hotswap
bay.  I haven't seen a desktop case with built-in hotswap, either.

>From Googling around, I found cooldrives.com, which advertises external
drive enclosures.  Perhaps something like that's an option for you? 
Also looks like Thermaltake makes a single-drive SATA hotswap bay, which
could be useful  Good luck to you in your search!


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