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Re: ATTN Mondo users - pse help cdrom Mondo probs

John Fleming wrote:
I'm not getting the answer on Mondo-devel, so please indulge me here - I really need some help.

Using Mondo in Debian Etch, I burn any of the formats - DVD/CD/ISO. When I reboot with any of these, and indicate "nuke", shortly after the usual "vmlinuz........." message, I see several screens of errors fly by. It finally stops and tells me I need to burn the mindi images to floppies because it can't find the cdrom. Normally, my cdrom is mounted as
/dev/hde /media/cdrom0

I can post my mindi.log if someone thinks they can help. (I'm not sure I can attach here.) Has anyone else seen this and have some suggestions about where to start? This relative newbie doesn't find the answer in the logs, the mondo FAQ, or googling.

Mondo is my main means of server backup, and I'm more than a little nervous now that I know I can't easily restore from DVD.

Did you try booting that CD/DVD with a 'noapic' parameter? I have to use that and I never use 'nuke' but always 'interactive'.


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