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Re: how do you convert Windows User to Linux

tekant ozer wrote:
Im a Windows user. just bit acquaintance with Linux from Univ years. My computer background is not bad. Ive been usin it since Commodore64 and DOS years.
Couple of times attempted for Linux but its very confusing..

Last year I wanted to setup a personal Web server in my attic.  I wanted to install Debian and Apache but I gave up and turn to Windows.
now server 2000 and IIS working.
( Why Debian? I like its name, also my friend recommended many years ago) There is couple of reason. if you can help me, maybe you can make me a Linux user

The system is old. Dual PIII with 440M/B. Dual Hotswap PSU. about 730Mb ECC. Dell Perf Quad 64bit Raid with 128Mb daughterBrd. 5 SCSI in Hotswp Cage. TapeDrv, DVD, floppy etc..
No problem with Hardware except wireless card. godd**n Airlink 101 card  . There was a limited wireless no support for this card at that time. I tried some generic drivers which I found on some linux sites. I dont know  how is it now.

Wow. My home server is a PII/400 desktop with 128MB of RAM. It runs a mail server, DNS, DHCP, Apache with Perl and with SSL extensions, SQL and LDAP servers and a web-based MP3 player with the audio connected to the HiFi. I've played with non-professional wireless stuff and gone back to drilling holes in walls. If you can afford a Cisco access point, wireless is probably practical. Remember attics can get very hot and very cold.

Then I needed Remoteadmin program like Famatech's Remote Administrator. something let me to see remote desktop visually (from windows machine).

last problem was multiple-choice-linux's itsef. many desktop, many tool  "where is that button?. I used it before. wait im confused. it was another program to do same thing. this is better for that but other was better for this". I usually go far from my target while I was finding/trying/reading.

Now I need some advices.
- which wireless? should I throw the card. or different linux is a solution.  ( or maybe piece of cake with newest Debian release should I try it again? )

If I was staying with wireless, I'd prefer a cheap wireless router as an access point, which does away with all the driver problems. Ethernet is a clean interface.

-is there any easy to use remote admin desktop solution which accept me to reach from windows platform to Linux ?

- which desktop, which web, tools? Or should I forget desktop desktop, visual everything and go for old style Telnet? I want minimal configuration. so I need advice about package content.

briefly thats the story .Thanks for your patience. waiting for you advices

A desktop on a server is a Windows thing. GUI desktops are necessary for graphics-oriented applications, and don't really help a lot with server administration. I use ssh for most things, mc as a file manager and basic text editor, and phpMyAdmin for the MySQL server.

As a datum point, I'm fairly familiar with Windows Small Business Server, which has a broadly similar collection of software and requires an absolute minimum of 1GB RAM and preferably at least a 2GHz machine to run with comparable performance to my old PII. Oh, and it needs at least 10GB of system disc space, and my Debian server system backup will fit on a CD.

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