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Re: OT: clicky keyboards

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In article <9xwiH-51q-13@gated-at.bofh.it>, Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> If you need that amazingly insightful gift for someone (yourself?)
> this year, check out www.clickykeyboards.com for real IBM
> keyboards. Mine just arrived and I'm in heaven.=20

Also known as the Carpal Tunnel special.

Seriously, this is the worst idea I've seen on this list in a long
time.  The PC keyboard had that exaggerated click so it would feel more
like a Selectric typewriter.  IBM Data Entry Division wanted to sell
PCs through the typewriter channel because Armonk didn't want the PC.
The Boca Raton marketing droids hoped it would be more familiar than the
somewhat ergonomic computer keyboards common in the late '70s, so it
would be easier for typewriter salesmen to sell.
Over time the cost pressure of the clone market devolved it to
the hard-stop ABS-against-ABS nightmare we use today.
Millions of crippling Carpal Tunnel Syndrome cases
because of office politics and marketing BS at IBM.

I'd pay real money for a well made PS2-compatible keyboard with the
silent action and soft squishy travel-stops we had on the Convergent and
Altos thin client machine keyboards circa 1985.  You could type
hard and fast on those all day and not feel it in your fingertips
and wrists.  As far as I know, nobody makes good keyboards anywhere
any more.  I'm typing this on a Goldtouch.  The hinge doesn't open far
enough.  It's got the same gawd-awful hard travelstops as the generic
104-key you can get for $5 at any computer store.  Awful.  I tried that
silly vinyl rollup too.  The keys wobble around too much for
fast typing.  It would have worked better if the keys had been
half the height.  Stupid.


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