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Re: fglrx-driver 8.43.2-1 doesnt detect FireGL5200 on Thinkpad Z61p

> > I just tried it in my Thinkpad Z61M (Mobile X1400) and it seems to be
> > working well in 2D.
> >
> > Anthony
> I've switch from vesa to the radonhd driver and it worked instantly on
> my Z61p/FireGL5200.
> Although I cannot see a difference.
> Does anyone have success/experience with any driver and
> + switch to/from external monitor/beamer/projector (with different
> resolution)
> + suspend2disk/ram

Nice to see it's working for you guys.

Switching to external display works for me, as does suspend2disk.
Suspend2ram never worked for me (nothing to do with radeonhd thought),
but I can't see a reason why it shouldn't work.


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