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Re: fglrx-driver 8.43.2-1 doesnt detect FireGL5200 on Thinkpad Z61p

On 12/3/07, Bruno Voigt <Bruno.Voigt@ic3s.de> wrote:
> the newer fglrx-driver 8.43.2-1 doesn't anymore detect my
> Thinkpad Z61p FireGL5200 graphics.
> The last working version was 8.40.4-2,
> which unfortunately doesn't work with linux kernel 2.6.23.x ..

FireGL cards are still not supported with 8.43 . (See the Catalyst
7.11 release notes).
Try the RadeonHD drivers (if 3D is not that important for you), or
check phoronix.com/forums , there is a trick (binary patch afaik)
which lets you use the FireGL cards with 8.43

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