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Re: fglrx-driver 8.43.2-1 doesnt detect FireGL5200 on Thinkpad Z61p

robin putters wrote:
> On 12/3/07, Bruno Voigt <Bruno.Voigt@ic3s.de> wrote:
>> the newer fglrx-driver 8.43.2-1 doesn't anymore detect my
>> Thinkpad Z61p FireGL5200 graphics.
>> The last working version was 8.40.4-2,
>> which unfortunately doesn't work with linux kernel 2.6.23.x ..
>> FireGL cards are still not supported with 8.43 . (See the Catalyst
>> 7.11 release notes).
>> Try the RadeonHD drivers (if 3D is not that important for you), or
>> check phoronix.com/forums , there is a trick (binary patch afaik)
>> which lets you use the FireGL cards with 8.43
Currently I'm using the VESA driver which fortunately supports the
1920x1200 res,
but wondering why they drop support for some chips with a newer release.
Would there be currently advantage using the radeonhd driver instead of
I'm not using any 3D stuff..?


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