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On Dec 5, 2007, at 4:11 AM, Tom Allison wrote:

seems that APC owners are either dominant to the Debian users list or just the kind of fanatic to answer an email about their UPS.

I have a Belkin (lame) and a TrippLite (not so lame) that are both "dumb" and I might keep for the VCR/Tivo/TV stuff.
But it seems that APC is the clear favorite?

They pretty well dominate the mid-range UPS market in the U.S., from what I've seen. I have little experience with Tripp-Lite except for one old low-end unit that doesn't seem to have replaceable batteries. (I avoid UPSs where the batteries aren't easily replaceable -- it's the worst kind of planned obsolescence.) Tripp- Lite's higher-end stuff seems to be well respected, though.

I did once buy a couple of CyberPower UPSs. They worked with Linux but I can't recommend them. They developed odd, flakey behavior after a couple years -- like abruptly switching off when there was still power available, or going on battery for no apparent reason and refusing to switch back to line power. They also had no provisions for easy battery replacement.

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