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Re: wajig < > apt-get

Michael Pobega <pobega@gmail.com>:
>  For those out there who are interested in having a CLI interface without
>  having to install Wajig, check out aptsh.
> [snip]
>  Also, for those out there that like aptitude, look into `feta`.

aptsh looks interesting, based on the manpage.  feta looks bloody
wild!  :-)  Thanks for those, and what an interesting list of stuff
they pull in (here, at least):

  alien auto-apt dctrl-tools debfoster debhelper deborphan debsums
  dialog dpkg-repack fakeroot grep-dctrl html2text intltool-debian
  libbeecrypt6 libmail-sendmail-perl librpm4 libsqlite3-0 po-debconf
  rpm sudo

I can do without rpm, alien, and sudo, but there's a few things there
I didn't know I didn't have (custom install).  

>  Soon I plan on designing a good front-end for aptitude (Or perhaps I'll
>  just work on Aptitude itself, I've yet to decide). Waiting for winter
>  break from college before I start anything.

Thanks for that too.  Have fun.

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