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Re: wajig < > apt-get

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On Sun, Dec 02, 2007 at 09:43:40PM +0100, Jonathan Kaye wrote:
> I prefer wajig to other package tools because:
> 1. It has a cli.

For those out there who are interested in having a CLI interface without
having to install Wajig, check out aptsh.

> 2. You can enter a wajig environment (with the prompt wajig> ) without
> having to repeat wajig infront of every command.

aptsh again

> 3. on doing wajig>update it tells you how many upgrades you may have (with
> aptitude you get no info after updating).

apt-show-versions -u

> 4. wajig's search is more exhaustive than aptitude's (sometimes this is not
> a benefit)

Wajig's search is way too exhaustive for my use, if I `wajig search
fortunes-debian-hints` for example, I'll get the fortunes-debian-hints
package three times (Because I have a mixed testing/unstable/stable
system). Plus, aptitude's search is a lot cleaner, more precise, and
gives more information (It shows which packages are installed, virtual,
cruft, broken, and automatically installed, all without needing extra

The purpose of this mail wasn't to start an argument, mind you, but to
show that there are ways to do what Wajig does, without Wajig; I just
consider it's overhead to be a bit much.

Also, for those out there that like aptitude, look into `feta`.

Soon I plan on designing a good front-end for aptitude (Or perhaps I'll
just work on Aptitude itself, I've yet to decide). Waiting for winter
break from college before I start anything.

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If programmers deserve to be rewarded for creating innovative
programs, by the same token they deserve to be punished if they
restrict the use of these programs. 
 - Richard Stallman
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