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Re: Preferred Backup Method?

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On Tue, Dec 04, 2007 at 04:04:47PM -0600, Ron Johnson wrote:
> On 12/04/07 15:09, Michael Pobega wrote:
> > What is d-u's preferred method of backups? Now that I'm running servers
> > on my system (Apache, MySQL, SSH, etc.) I need to find a good method of
> > backing up, because no matter how much security someone has things may
> > still go wrong.
> > 
> > So list your preferred methods of creating/restoring backups and the
> > pros and cons. Thanks!
> *Much* more information needed.

Sorry, I wasn't thinking.

> How much stuff?  50MB?  5GB?  500GB?  5TB?

80GB HDD. It isn't full, of course, but that's the maximum (Currently
about 45 GB)

> How compressible is it?  Text/MySQL files or MP3s and JPGs?

I wouldn't know the answer to that questions.

> How important is it?  Your own stuff, or a business' stuff?

It's pretty important; It's my own stuff, it has all of my school work,
programming work, pictures, videos, and configuration files on it.

> How big of a window do you have to back it up?  30 minutes at 23:15,
> and you're fired if it goes past midnight?  All night between 17:30
> and 07:30?

A weekly night-backup would be my preferred method. 

> How often will the lusers will "Michael, this stupid computer ate my
> work.  Bring it back!!" (Meaning, of course, that they
> stupidly/carelessly deleted/overwrote it.)  If it's a database, will
> the developers want regular copies restored for testing?

It's just my own stuff...The odds are probably low of someone deleting
my work by accident, but better safe than sorry.

> Frequency?  Nightly, weekly, every-other-day?


> Retention?  Keep backups for a month?  Quarter?  Year?  7 years?

I'd probably keep backups for two weeks, so I've have two backups at any
given time.

> Budget?  Always a killer...

I have another laptop sitting around with a 60GB HDD; Could I use that
as a backup?

Otherwise all I have is a 4GB pendrive and no money (But I could get my
hands on an 80GB External HDD easily)

> As for backing it up, tar.  Works like a champ.

Just `tar -cvvf backup-`date`.tar /`? Is it really that simple?

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