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Re: Syncable finance app?

Thank you, Doug and rb, for two different approaches to my problem. I'm not, however, looking to roll my own solution if I can avoid it. Since there are plenty of sync-friendly apps for Palm's Address Book, Date Book, and Memo Pad, it seemed that there'd be a similar Palm finance app that could sync to a larger Linux app.

I really dislike relying on the bank to keep track of what I spend. What happens if I write a check that doesn't get cashed for a week or two? Or if a debit/credit card transaction takes a few days to process (as happens from time to time)? The bank does a very good job of keeping track, but for certain things, a manual checkbook register is better. Besides, there's the whole issue of trust. I trust the bank to get things right, but not so much that I won't check their math myself! Relying solely on online banking neglects my own responsibility to keep track of what I spend.

I'm going to see if anyone else on the list has ideas, then start to think about writing something myself.


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