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Re: Dual EMC Installation

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On 12/02/07 16:31, Peter Skerda wrote:
> *Dual EMC Installation*
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Dear Folks,
> Presently have a CNC Sherline Mill that I've been trying to set up.
> Would like to ask group if anybody has installed both Debian & Ubuntu
> EMC to PC?? I can install Debian with CD but not sure how to prepare
> the HD partition so I will be able to install Ubuntu on the same HD
> and have option of which to open??

Dual-boot was perfected back in 1995.  You must be doing something

> The Debian EMC installs nicely as does the Ubuntu EMC using CDs.
> However I seem to be missing something as one will eliminate the
> other when installed individually, and vise versa. What is left is the
> EMC version that you last installed.

When you install the first OS, are you allocating all of the hard drive?

> Probably has something, I suspect, with preparing the HD partitions when
> asked by the EMC installer. This part, no pun intended, is a bit fuzzy
> to me. Can anybody help? Would like to have both EMC's present on the HD
> to compliment each other and to be able to choose which one to run.
> Would certainly appreciate if somebody could direct me in what
> procedure to take or just tell me where to go?
> Your assistance concerning this matter would be very much appreciated.

What's an EMC?  Enhanced Machine Controller?


Two thirds of that email was useless nonsense crap.

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