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Dual EMC Installation

*Dual EMC Installation*
Dear Folks,

Presently have a CNC Sherline Mill that I've been trying to set up.
Would like to ask group if anybody has installed both Debian & Ubuntu
EMC to PC?? I can install Debian with CD but not sure how to prepare
the HD partition so I will be able to install Ubuntu on the same HD
and have option of which to open??

The Debian EMC installs nicely as does the Ubuntu EMC using CDs.
However I seem to be missing something as one will eliminate the
other when installed individually, and vise versa. What is left is the
EMC version that you last installed.

Probably has something, I suspect, with preparing the HD partitions when asked by the EMC installer. This part, no pun intended, is a bit fuzzy to me. Can anybody help? Would like to have both EMC's present on the HD to compliment each other and to be able to choose which one to run.

Would certainly appreciate if somebody could direct me in what
procedure to take or just tell me where to go?

Your assistance concerning this matter would be very much appreciated.

Pete - Newby Senior C
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