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Re: scroll mouse quits working

Rodney D. Myers wrote:
Every once in a while, when I use my KVM switch, the middle mouse button/scroll wheel, ceases to function.

Short of rebooting, not really an option, what else can I do to get the scroll wheel to function properly again?

Anything in /etc/init.d/ that I can rerun?

PS/2 or USB?

If USB, you can try unplugging/replugging the mouse.

Are you running GPM; if so, you can try "/etc/init.d/gpm restart".

You might try unloading/reloading any mouse/USB-related modules.

Do you actually have to reboot, or will a restart of X fix it? Or have you tried starting a second session of X to see if it works there? Or in the console (assuming you have GPM installed)?


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