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Re: Mounting a USB Mass Storage Device

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On 12/01/07 19:49, Raj Kiran Grandhi wrote:
> Ron Johnson wrote:
>> Since the "drive letter" of removable devices is subject to change,
>> I now use UUID values in /etc/fstab instead of /dev/sd??.  (Except
>> for /boot and /.)
>> # blkid /dev/sdXY
>> # vi /etc/fstab (Replace /dev/sdXY with UUID="<long string>")
>> Also, if you have hal installed, GNOME & KDE should automagically
>> handle removable devices for you.
> UUIDs are helpful if you have a known set of devices you wish to use.

Like devices that you want to be seen at boot up, or when you are
not logged in.

>                                                                       I
> just let gnome handle the mounting (I think it uses hal to do it) and
> unmount it with pumount. Once I have disabled nautilus from opening a
> window whenever a removable device is mounted, the process becomes
> terminal friendly. Plugin, cd, do_stuff, pumount, without ever having to
> reach out for the mouse.

GNOME+hal is definitely a valid tool for "user oriented", dynamic
devices like thumb drives.

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