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Re: Is it exist a mailing-list for console only users ?

Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@freenet.de>:
>  Am 2007-11-24 00:39:21, schrieb s. keeling:

   [I've always enjoyed seeing that word "schrieb" in posts by German
   speakers.  It's always seemed so deliciously exotic.  :-)  ]

> > You're defining what you want with a negative.  You don't care about
> > X.  What do you care about?
>  no bloatware because he can not use it (maybe he live in a country where
>  he is lucky to have a Am486dx4-100 with 64 MByte of memory -- I know some

Hey, my old machine!  It used to be a i486DX33, but I got it all the
way to 96Mb (in SIMM stackers 72 pin <--> 30(?) pin) with 486dx4-100,
all SCSI!  My first baby steps, home-built server.  RIP 2000.  :-|

> > Usenet News has plenty of non-X related groups.  comp.unix.shell might
> > be to your liking, or one of the Debian related alt groups.
>  The problem is, that NOT ALL users can read usenet...

http://groups.google.com, for searching, not posting.

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