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Re: ntfs-3g and Etch (stable)

On Nov 30, 2007 8:32 AM, Donald R. Sutter <drs@hevanet.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anybody know how to install the latest version of ntfs-3g from
> http://ntfs-3g.org/ in the latest version of Etch stable???
> I just finished installing the latest version of "Etch" and want to
> setup fstab for read/write access to a couple of XP NTFS partitions.
> ntfs-3g seems to be the way I want to go but ntfs-3g isn't part of the
> stable release of Etch so I downloaded the latest (stable) version of
> ntfs-3g (1.1120) from the ntfs-3g.org web site and ran ./configure.
> ./configure told me that I needed to install a version of fuse>=2.6 for
> it to continue ... but "fuse" (Filesystem in Userspace) is already
> compiled as a module into Etch stable.  I thought that version was 2.6
> or better???

Fuse has a kernel component and a userspace component. Your
kernel version is > 2.6, but in Etch, libfuse and fuse-utilities are
version 2.5.x.  Backports.org has fuse >= 2.6 for etch. And they
have ntfs-3g packages as well.


Kelly Clowers

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