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Something accessing hard drive


I have set my hard drive to standby after a given time through laptop-
mode. The hd actually passes to standby mode but only for half a
second or so after which it spins up again. If I issue hdparm -y /dev/
hda the same behaviour is observed.

I checked the logs inmediatly after this happens but found nothing
meaningful to me. As far as I can tell I have configured syslog.conf
in a way that log daemons will not sync after each minor event. I
deactivated some daemons to check whether they could be the cause
(lpd, cron, hal)  but the problem persists.

Is there a way to track down what is accessing the drive? I found a
program called blktrace which seems to be useful in this situation,
but I'd like to hear from any other suggestions.

System is running sid with 2.6.23 custom kernel.


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