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Re: FreeAgent USB HDD (update)

andy wrote:
Hi all

Yesterday, I bought a 500GB Seagate FreeAgent (external) USB hard drive. I plugged it in, downloaded the necessary ntfs-3g driver and all was fine. Today I plug it in and my Lenny system can't find it at all. There is nothing loaded on media and it seems that as far as my system is concerned, it has ceased to exist.

How can I load this manually and how can I prevent this from happening again? I am not even sure how to debug this, so any help on that score would be useful too. It has something like 100GB of data on it from yesterday which I am extremely loathe to lose.

Thanks for any assistance.


This is the next exciting instalment:

I rebooted and then once I went into the filesystem I saw that the system recognised it, but did not automount it. This is something that I have noticed in the last while - USB data sticks are not being automounted the way they used to be (although, I cannot determine a turning point in this). They used to trigger an icon to be placed on my Gnome desktop once I inserted the stick but now I have to manually open the filesystem and click on the USB drive to mount it. I have double checked my prefs under Gnome for storage devices, and the option to automount and auto-browse are selected, so I don't know what is going on with that.

Anyway, crisis with the FreeAgent drive is over. Now I only have this mild curiosity re: the automount/auto-browse issue. Anyone have some light to shine on this?




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