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Re: troubleshoot lockups

On Wed, Nov 28, 2007 at 10:35:21AM -0500, Marc-Etienne M.Léveillé wrote:
> > What log file do I look at on my system to get a clue for the source
> > of the problem?
> Log files are in /var/log. You might want to look into syslog and
> kern.log attach it to your post if you need further help.
> When your system is locked, try ctrl+alt+backspace (it force restart
> X) or ctrl+alt+F1 and see if your computer is responding.

further to that, can you ssh into the box? Just because it doesn't
respond to the keyboard doesn't mean it inaccessible. 

And, use alt-sysrq-s to sync your disks before you power-down. you can
also alt-sysrq-b to reboot, if you don't want to go the power switch
route. If the kernel doesn't respond to the alt-sysrq keys, then
you've got a truly hard lockup and I'd start looking for hardware


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