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Re: [OT?] Replying to posts in debian-user

Sven Joachim wrote:

There is one tip I have for you: use a mailer that has better support
for mailing lists than your current one, e.g. KMail.  Mutt and Gnus
are even better, but they are difficult to set up.  If you want to
stick to Thunderbird/Icedove, there is a "ReplyToList" extension at
but it does not seem to work with Thunderbird/Icedove 2, see

I have tried that extension, but as you have pointed out, it doesn't work with the version of icedove I am using. The bug report page says that a patch has been applied to the source. So probably it will appear in sid in a few days. I shall retry then.

Thank you for clearing it up!


Raj Kiran Grandhi

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