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Re: Links2

Ron Johnson wrote:
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On 11/18/07 04:24, Jeff Grossman wrote:
I am running Debian Testing.  I currently have Links installed, but
noticed there is a Links2.  I only run my machine as a server so I do
not have any X11 applications installed.  When I try to install Links2
it wants to install a bunch of X11 stuff because Links can be run as a
graphic web browser.  Is there anyway I can install Links2 without all
of the X11 stuff?

It should "only" install libx11-6 and it's dependencies libxau6,
libxdmcp6, x11-common, libx11-data.

Can you live with that?

Otherwise, file a bug against links2 asking that the X code be split
into a separate package.  (Many will thank you.)  Or install elinks.

Thanks for the information. I have installed elinks and filed a bug against Links2.


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