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Re: how to read http mails in mutt mail reader (vim)?

hce <webmail.hce@gmail.com>:
>  I've just installed mutt in Debian, one problem is there are some
>  mails from news lists with HTTP format, it was fine when I use Mozilla
>  mail reader, but with mutt and vim, I could not read the HTTP format
>  mails. One solution I can think of is to use lynx, but I don't know
>  how to config mutt with lynx. How do you handle this issue?

mutt needs to be trained.  You could tell it to use urlview via macro,
but I see no need for it.  Install w3m, and it'll do everything you

In your ~/.mailcap, add:

  multipart/alternative ;  /usr/bin/w3m -dump %s; copiousoutput; nametemplate=%s.html
  multipart/related     ;  /usr/bin/w3m -dump %s; copiousoutput; nametemplate=%s.html
  text/html             ;  /usr/bin/w3m -T text/html -dump %s ; copiousoutput

then tell mutt this (~/.muttrc):

  macro index \cB |'w3m -m -cookie'\n 'call w3m to extract URLs out of a message'
  macro pager \cB |'w3m -m -cookie'\n 'call w3m to extract URLs out of a message'

Then, CTRL-b invokes w3m on the mail you're reading, ":" highlights
links, and TAB moves to the next one, and Enter goes to that link.  To
configure w3m, type "o" when it's running.  Hit "q" and you're back in

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