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I value your time :) - Re: Other avenues to get help

Hello again,

1) Thank you to all who replied both on the list and off list :)  See 
number 4) at the bottom for specific replies. 

2) I am glad that nobody took my post as a troll :) It was not 
intended that way. I truly appreciate the people who spend time 
answering question to so many users on this list. 

3) I value your time. I really do :)  As a proof, I can tell you the 
following story (which you don't need to read if you are short of 
time ;) ). 
Recently I installed Debian on my secondary, older computer. It didn't 
go without a hitch. Actually, whatever I tried, I ran into troubles.
I tried installing in different modes, and the system would hang up at 
different stages... but I could never complete the install. I didn't 
want to waste people's time, so each time I was tempted to post to 
this list asking for help, I remembered another think that I could 
check on my own, or something else that I could search on the 
internet, to see if someone had the same symptoms. 
At one stage, I even spent some time searching the internet to figure 
out how to calculate the md5 hash key of the *burned* CD, to make 
sure it was identical to the original iso (It was). 
After really many hours, I was getting crazy and I wanted to give up 
trying on my own, without your help. But, as previously, I thought 
about one more thing I could check on my own before bothering you. As 
luck would have it, I remembered that years before, I had burned a 
memtest boot CD. I booted the computer with it, and quickly found 
that one of my two memory sticks was terribly faulty (the computer 
had been serviced 2 weeks earlier, and the memory stick had probably 
either been damaged or improperly re-inserted into its slot). I 
removed the offending stick, and tried again... this time the 
installation went without a hitch :)

I spent the whole day, reusing and recycling every bit of knowledge I 
could gather from the documents and from the internet, trying alone 
for a whole day to solve my problem rather than spending any more of 
your time that is precious to me.

So, if today I come to you with this new hardware problem, it's 
because I have RTFM'ed and searched for a long time without finding a 
solution. This problem (I think it's been the same cause all along) 
has been recurring on this computers for years, and by now, I really 
need help to get to the end of it. If something is broken, I need to 
know what so that I can replace it. If I have a special chipset, I 
need to figure out which one. etc. 

4) Thanks for your replies. 
I will study all the avenues you offer, do more homework on my own, 
and come back to you with more precise questions. 

Ron: I am not sure there is a single LUG in the whole country where I 
live. I have been subscribed for years to all the country/language 
specific mailing lists I found but there is no traffic on them. But 
I'll check some more. :)

Douglas: I had a look at the installation manual, but I'll make sure 
to read all of it. I'll check debian-boot and do a report. Text mode 
and CLI is fine with me :) I'll try again to see if I can glean some 
more info.

Raj: I had checked the debug message in the F4 window, and searched 
the web with the information printed there. Others had experienced 
the same problems, but I have not found a solution that was valid in 
my case. I'll study the man pages and other docs to see what 'ps' 
does, what information I can glean from it and I'll come back to this 
list when I have this information. Thanks. 

With your help, I have more things to check and I'll do my bit and 
study what I need to in the next few days. 


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