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Re: Charging iPod / Listening to music

David Brodbeck wrote:

On Oct 30, 2007, at 4:43 PM, steve wrote:

its not possible to listen and charge an ipod on any platform with the
"ipod firmware".

Not true. If I plug my iPod mini into my MacOS X machine, then eject it in Finder, it will continue to charge but I'll have control again.

Agreed. I also hadn't done any "homework" to see what they were doing. I know that Apple also supports having "disk" mode and "non-disk" modes turned on and off, and they warn against removing the iPod without an eject when "disk" mode is turned on... but you can simply yank the cable safely when in "non disk" mode in their applications.

This also works under Linux with AmaroK and recent version of GTKpod, assuming you have sufficient permissions to unmount the device.

Yeah, I'm not sure "mount" and "unmount" are the correct terminology here. If you don't have disk support turned on in the Apple applications and on the iPod, nothing is "mounted" in the traditional Linux/Unix sense of the word.

However, if you just mount and unmount it without running AmaroK or GTKpod, it will display the 'DO NOT DISCONNECT' screen until you, well, disconnect it. ;) I haven't looked at the source code of those two apps, but I suspect there's some flag that must be set on the iPod before the OS unmounts it so it knows it's been cleanly disconnected. Probably Apple is trying to protect the internal database it uses from corruption.

Agreed. It probably also relates to whether or not the "disk mode" disk is mounted when that feature is used.

BTW, this behavior may be slightly different depending on the filesystem your iPod is using. Mine is vfat because I originally set it up on a Windows system. iPods originally set up on a Mac will be HFSv2, and I don't have any experience with that.

Interesting point. Mine is also VFAT I think. Hmmm... since I never use disk support and don't care about it, I wonder if I should wipe and reinstall it with HFSv2... see if it behaves differently. Not sure if Linux can even read them when they're set up that way, though... never tried... (not super interested in trying either, but maybe I'll at least reinstall/reformat it sometime just to play around and see what it changes).


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